Sophie Elinor

The Alphabutt

The Alphabutt is my answer to the age old question, "what if I made an entire alphabet of butts?". Hands down my silliest submission to the 36 Days of Type challenge, this cheeky collection features buttloads of bottoms - some real, some illustrated, and some a bit more abstract. I think bums universally ride the line between sexy and silly, and I'm obsessed with that. It's a profoundly stupid idea, but it might also be my magnum opus???

A is for arse

B is for buns

C is for cigarette butt

D is for derrière

E is for exhibitionist

F is for fart factory

G is for gluteus maximus

H is for hairy heinie

I is for itty bitty butts

J is for jelly

K is for kiss my arse

L is for the loo

M is for mooning

N is for nevernude

O is for out your arse

P is for peaches

Q is for quite a lot of butts

R is for rump

S is for bum-shuffle

T is for tanned tushy

U is for uranus

V is for vigorous vibrations

W is for wedgie

X is for exposed

Y is for yoga

Z is for zombie butt