Sophie Elinor

Custom keepsakes

A great deal of our daily communication is throwaway - dinged up language that gets us from A to B - but I'm a firm believer that each and every one of us keeps a sacred collection of words in our hearts. Lyrics that transport us; silly jokes our grandparents always used to tell; quotes that cut to our core. The work I am often most excited to create taps into that: personal commissions of hand-lettered, sentimental mementos. It's a real honour to turn that tenderness into something tangible.

This is a collection of custom, typographic keepsakes I have lettered for various clients.

Beach house signage
A gift from a daughter to her parents, this sign was to be hung on a family home full of holiday memories. It was hand-painted onto a dense slab of weathered hardwood.

Bruce 1
Bruce 2

Waxing lyrical
A birthday present from a husband to his wife, this highly detailed A3 poster featured the much-loved and heartfelt lyrics of Sarah Blasko. It was printed on textured linen stock, and a spot varnish was applied by hand.

Blasko 9
Blasko 7
Blasko 5

Roller derby helmets
These custom helmet designs were created for some badass babes. Sally (aka Slamurai) wanted a Japanese-flavoured helmet to compliment her deadly demeanour in the rink. Crissy (aka Missile Crisis) wanted a propaganda-inspired design.

Helmet 3
Helmet 2
Helmet 1

Poetry parcel
Head over heels, a young woman wrote a series of unbearably romantic poems for her girlfriend. I hand-lettered these precious words onto a series of post cards using a mixture of watercolours, brush pens and gloss highlights.

4 Laura
Letter Cu
2 Laura
3 Laura
5 Laura
6 Laura

Otis has arrived
A special something from a friend to a new mum, to welcome her freshest family member to the world. This sculptural script lettering was created with wire, macrame wool and splashes of colourful, wrapped yarn.

1 Otis
2 Otis

Bushido code
This one-of-a-kind piece was a gift from a sister to her big brother. Samurai warriors share an unwritten code of conduct, outlining the essential elements of a truly well-rounded fighter. To reflect the time and discipline involved in adhering to the Bushido Code, I created this piece entirely by hand. The calligraphy was written with ultra-fine brush pens, and the headings were cut out with a knife, letter by letter, to reveal specialty Japanese papers underneath.

Bushido 1
Bushido 2
Bushido 3
Bushido 4

Family puzzle
Not strictly typographic - but the very definition of a custom keepsake! - I drew this collection of illustrations (based off dozens of treasured photos from the family album) as a gift for my parents. I had it locally printed onto a thousand-piece puzzle, and the act of piecing it together has become a beautiful communal activity of meandering trips down memory lane.

Puzzle Illustrations Draft 7 01 01
Puzzle 5
Puzzle 6
Puzzle 3
Puzzle 2
Puzzle 4
Puzzle 1