Sophie Elinor

I love/hate you

This series of A6 postcards explores the love/hate nature of romance. The passionate verses on the front fold in (Mad Magazine style) to reveal hidden profanities; and the backs of the cards are a collage of daggy pop lyrics and movie quotes about love. The type is set in the various layers of my typeface, Strato, and the cards are offset printed on recycled stock.

Fuckoff 1
Fuckoff 2
Fuckoff 3
Fuckoff 4
Fuckoff 5
Fuckoff 6
Fuckoff 7
Fuckoff 8
Fuckoff 9
Fold 1
Fuckoff 10
Fold 2
Fuckoff 11
Fold 3
Fuckoff 12
Fold 4