Sophie Elinor

Self-directed sketches

This is a selection of just-for-fun drawings and animations I have created to feed my soul: experimental lettering, typographic musings and sometimes-sentient sketches from my instagram account. For the stories behind each of these pieces (and for more of this hot content) let's be insta-mates!

Fleeting Psd
Vote Psd
Insta 11
Insta 2
Insta 13
Insta 6
Insta 1
Perfectionist Psd
Werk Psd
Insta 10
Insta 14
Insta 4
Insta 3 1
Creative Psd 2
Purpose Psd
Insta 9
Insta 12 1
Insta 5
Insta 8
Insta 7