Sophie Elinor

Love letters

I love creating personalised, typographic artwork for knot-tying lovebirds. Learning their stories and figuring out how to best visualise that in a joyous and celebratory way is a treat; a small role I get to play in their big day.

This is a selection of love letters I've created for some super special weddings.

Shannon and Emily
An Australian boy fell for a Canadian girl. For their wedding invitations, the outdoorsy, nature-loving pair asked for a collage of animals from their native homelands. I spent days stippling them into existence, and - as an added bonus for those who look closely - I hid the couple's names within the negative space.

2 Invitation
3 Invitation
12 Invitation
10 Invitation
8 Invitation
7 Invitation

Grant and Natalie
For their garden party wedding, this colour-loving pair wanted a series of signs to pepper throughout the venue. Grant and Nat are so good natured and full of humour, so I opted for hand-painted typography that was bright, warm and a little bit cheeky.

Board 16
Close Up 1

Catherine and James
In keeping with the bridal party's bouquets and the pair's love of native flora, the hand-drawn lettering features all sorts of Australian wildflowers. Much like the couple themselves (whose wedding day actually turned out to be their second wedding anniversary!) the save the dates hold a little secret within them.

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