Sophie Elinor

Seeding change

International seed production company Rijk Zwaan needed a unique, eye-catching backdrop for their Hort Connections trade show. They commissioned me to design, develop and install a 6m x 2.5m mural across the duration of the two-day event in Melbourne.

The design itself is full of all the varieties of vegetables the company produces, alongside key words and phrases. Across the course of the event, the larger hidden message, “seeding change” slowly emerged from the negative space.

For this conscientious and community-minded client, creating this artwork live in front of an audience helped to communicate that a more sustainable future starts with planting a seed.

Being able to see the design evolve over time gave attendees a reason to keep checking back in at the Rijk Zwaan stand.

Mural Draft 7 02 01
01 Square
02 Long
03 Long
07 Square
06 Square
08 Long