Sophie Elinor


Strato is a layered typeface inspired by the many facets of Rome. A slightly humanist sans serif font, Strato is proportionally based off classical Roman inscriptions, but with a modern twist. Each layer can be used in combination with any, or all of the other layers, giving a simple-looking sans typeface a versatile wardrobe for any occasion. Strato is available at The Designers Foundry.

Strato 1
Strato 2
Strato 3
Strato 4
Strato 5
Strato 6
Strato 7
Strato 8
Strato 9
Strato 10
Strato 11
Strato 12
Strato 13
Strato 14
Strato 15
Strato 16
Strato 17