Sophie Elinor


Typography can be a difficult thing to explain to people outside the field. I often end up trailing off with, “Oh, you know, fonts and stuff?...” What I MEAN to say is that I work with language and design. I obsess over the different mediums in which I can experiment with letterforms. I love restricting my palette to the alphabet, and seeing how I can bring the written word to life. It can be powerful or silly or beautiful or provocative. It’s thoughtful. It’s both showing and telling. But it feels weird to say those things to a human, so I made this video to show what I do.

I spent all of my spare time across several months crafting this project, and every element was a labour of love.

Lettering 1 Edit

I lost count of the number of pages I filmed myself hand-lettering on top of...

Hand Square Edit

But I matched my nails exactly to the stock!

Process Spray

Each individual letter was spray painted...

Process 2 Edit

And then manually arranged against a hand-painted backing board.

Illustrative Letter Layout 01

The illustrative section featured tiny snippets from dozens of different lettering projects.

As for the animation section, that took no fewer than forty-two takes to get right!